Our Story


As I embarked on this Beard growth journey there weren’t a lot of products or advice available to help me achieve my goals. When I would ask my other Caribbean friends what they did for their beards, they didn’t seem to have any sound advice either.  I tried items near home in Toronto and did some trial and error with what I could find in the US. My beard was growing but starting to get itchy.  The hairs would not retain moisture long and were often dry and coarse. My girlfriend would give me tips based on what she uses for her hair and I realized a lot of the natural oils used for black women also work well for men’s beards.  I decided that I would start blending oils together myself to get the desired moisture and growth results that I wanted. 

I sourced all-natural ingredients, and spent months finding the right mixture to help my beard grow with a nice Caribbean scent that would complement my cologne. Once I developed the right blend I noticed my beard start to fill in quicker, the skin beneath my beard stopped itching, and my Beard felt much softer and less in-growns. I named it G’WAAN, as an ode to my Caribbean roots.  While there are a few black brands on the market, there are none that speak to the style and swagger of Caribbean people. I shared it with my friends and everyone quickly replaced their serums and single-ingredient overpriced bottles with my smooth nutrient-rich blend. Everyone enjoyed the light-weight nature of the product that still provided the right amount of moisture. Their encouragement is what made me decide to share this product with the world. 


G’WAAN is designed for anyone of African descent who wants to grow a healthy and full beard.

Thank you for trying my artisan oils and craft products. I wish you good vibes on your beard journey.